Hermes Birkin Bag Replica Hermes H Belt

Hermes Birkin bag replica Hermes H Belt And Scarf is a place to buy cheap Hermes Birkin bag Hermes Kelly bag replica Still looking for Hermes handbags or Hermes replica birkin, Has 170 years of history Hermes, from generation to generation ,Hermes H Belt with its superb technology and a steady stream of imagination , becoming the most contemporary artistic charm of the French luxury brand. Explore this historic French company , you can find many interesting stories : the production of scarves and ties and even the famous Hermes saddle and harness production is started .
19th century, in Paris, France , most of the residents are keeping horses. Hermes Birkin bags In 1837, Thierry ? Hermes (Thierry Hermes) in the bustling streets of Basse-du-Rempart Madeleine region opened the first harness workshop.
His carriage harness workshops for the production of fine accessories, in the city of Paris was the most beautiful wagon , you can see Aimashima a trace. Hermes Carpenter people like artists crafted for each product , left many masterpieces , world trade in 1867 will be in , Hermes will be with superb technology, has won an honorary award.
In 1879, Thierry 's son Charlie ? Hermes (Charles-Emile Hermes) will expand the family business , he was not only the head office moved to the famous Hermes Fu Bao Road 24 (24, Faubourg) in Paris , with the local nobility by more Recently, also let out Hermes Paris , to the European countries. Hermes manufacture high horse was loved by European nobles , the brand has become a typical representative of the French luxury consumption.
The third -generation heir Emile Hermes - ? Maurice Hermes (Emile-Maurice Hermes) is very keen for art ,replica Hermes with numerous private collections. These treasures kept in the Museum of Hermes , has still many designers pilgrimage temple. 1920s , Hermes enterprise products to expand into handbags, travel bags , gloves , belts , jewelry , notebooks and watches, ashtrays , scarves and other products. Art on Hermes product design had a huge impact , so Hermes products to maintain the French romantic and artistic style.
1951 , Hermes by the Emir 's son , Robert ? Dumas (Robert Dumas) took over ,Birkin bag replica Hermes since the 1960s , Hermes has launched a perfume, suits, shoes, accessories, porcelain and other products, a quality of life across the full range of representatives . Robert ? Dima I am also a great designer scarves , Hermes scarves make his business received a universally appreciated. 1978 , Hermes fifth generation of the family make ? Lewis ? Dumas (Jean-Louis Dumas) became Chairman and Chief Executive Officer , he developed a series of watches and desk accessories such as new products , new material gives Hermes and atmosphere.
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