Tectubi Raccordi

Founded in 1954 and incorporated into Allied International Group in 2003, Tectubi Raccordi was the first Italian world-leading manufacturer of steel buttwelding pipe fittings to be used in nuclear and thermal power plants, LNG plants, oil & gas and water pipelines, offshore & subsea and petrochemical plants. It is a top supplier of superpipes for the nuclear sector.

For over half a century the company has been collaborating with the most important EPC companies, offering its products at the highest quality and manufacturing standards.
Its workers’ craftsmanship and experience and its technical service is key to meeting any clientís request in terms of materials, design and international specifications.

During recent years, Tectubi Raccordi has developed two major facilities, in Castel San Giovanni, Piacenza, Italy, and Tianjin, China, so as to increase penetration in all target markets. The new facilities will enhance an overall yearly production capacity of Allied International Group by 73,000 tonnes.

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